The Remains of the Day

Another Sunday…

Today was a good day for us at C3 – you could feel the anticipation of all that’s coming.

Personally, I woke up feeling incredibly old. I asked Darrell if their was a mandatory retirement age for the Praise Team…because I’m sure I’m getting close!

I walked/jogged tonight, and smelled the dryer sheets (former post) which almost distracted me from my agony. Almost, but not quite. I did jog more than last time, so I guess I’m making progress.

Tomorrow will be a CRAZY manic monday with the kids starting school (two different schools), time at the office, and Kayleigh has senior pictures (that’s gonna really help with the “I’m feeling old” stage I’m in!). Plus, I get to be reminded that I’m getting closer to 40, and the clock is ticking…(in a weak moment, I vowed to be “buff by forty” – I’m just going to chalk-it-up to delirium from one of Byron’s work-outs.)

So, it’s off to bed because 5:30 will be here before I know it. I wonder when the “early to bed, early to rise – and LIKE IT” phase of old age is gonna kick in??!!!

See ya with the sunrise (figuratively speaking, of course – no one wants to see me first thing in the a.m. when I have to get up early – it’s not pretty!).

Peace. (Is it bad that I can’t feel my arms?)

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