Sanguine Saturday

I can’t believe it’s already five 0’clock on Saturday. The weekend is drifting away – and of course, tomorrow will go by like a whirlwind.

Laundry has ruled my day, since next week will be filled with carpooling and C3 stuff. The future is so bright for us at C3, but the next year, especially, is going to be CRAZY busy.

I feel like the fall is going to be “boot camp”, and after the holidays begins the battle – when we have to bring the heat! We’re breaking free to be C3, but it’s going to require everything we’ve got to fulfill the vision we’ve been given. It can be overwhelming, but it’s also an awesome thing…and a humbling one as well. It’s going to take everything we’ve got, and still require the movement of God.

I woke up this morning in an optimistic mood – kind of a silly one, actually. I looked at Byron, and he had a grin on his face. So when I asked him why he was smiling, he just looked up and said, “God is smiling on me, and it’s gonna be a good day.” After further discussion, it became clear that “God smiling” was my good mood. So, I said, “Let me get this straight, the determining factor of the quality of your day is me?” and he replied, “Since the beginning of time.” This kind of stinks for him, since I’m a bohemian, moody, melancholy/sanguine, artistic type with a flair for the dramatic…oh well, at least he has today!

We organized the school supplies cabinets, two junk drawers, and did some filing, so next week will run a little more smoothly than normal. It’s amazing how it’s harder for me to find things after I organize than before. I think my “chaotic random piles” system just make sense to me somehow.

I found the most beautiful purple “fainting couch” and zebra print rug on the web last night…I guess I just wasn’t ever meant to be a minimalist! I think they would kick me out of Denmark (former post) – maybe it’s because I’m a Czechoslovakian/Cherokee at heart!

Gotta run, laundry-duty for six calls! Peace out.

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