More Notes from La-La Land…

*High School Musical 2 has taken over my life!!! We’ve been on a countdown clock all day – and I’ve never even seen the first one!

*When did I fall in love with modern furniture from Denmark? Confession: I had to ask Byron what furniture from Denmark would be called – I did have the sense to know that “Denmarkian” didn’t sound quite right! (He said “Danish”, and I looked it up on the Wide World of Web, and he was right), but I digress…When did I fall in love with modern Danish furniture? I especially LOVE “BoConcepts”…it’s the bomb! (It’s awesomely Denmarkian!)

*I love clean laundry – I love when I take a walk around the neighborhood in the evening and the smell of people’s dryers and dryer sheets fills the air!

*I think we should live every day like we are in the cast of a musical, and break into song every time we’re trying to make a dramatic statement. I think there would be a lot less conflict if everyone had to sing, “I’m so mad at you…You really hurt my feelings…You really need to learn how to drive…” Things like that wouldn’t have the same “bite” if you had to sing and dance while yelling at someone!. Just a thought.

*We went to “meet the teacher” at the boys new school today – Ethan said that Nate’s class was “better” because his classroom had brownies! It will also have long division, so Ethan – and I – will feel more comfortable in the first grade class. There aren’t enough erasers in the world for me to do long division…Okay, I just had a little shudder thinking about it!

*Apparently, the slang term for a sweet ride is “whip” – Something tells me the Bledsoe Family Bus wouldn’t be in the “whips” category. Just trying to keep it real.

*Speaking of “keeping it real” – there’s nothing like buying cheap toilet paper in bulk from Wal-mart…it doesn’t get any “realer” than that!

*Birthday cake just tastes better when it has your name on it!

Peace and dryer sheet dreams to you all!

4 thoughts on “More Notes from La-La Land…

  1. Your blog made my morning. Very witty! I sometimes dream of a home with “Danish” furniture. In my loft home downtown. Two years ago I had country junk in my house, so I guess I am slowly making progress. More toward Pottery Barn.


  2. Yep, I’m making progress, too – only with my pack-rat sensibilities, the Danes are no doubt shuddering to think of what I’ll do with their sleek, efficient designs. I would definitely have to “blonde” it up with animal prints and knick-knacks! (Kind of like what I do to poor Ann Taylor’s classic clothing). Have a great one. Angie.


  3. I like you ridea of singing things. It might make a whole lot of people’s blood pressure go down. It helps lift your own spirits. (I tried it today). See you tomorrow. Patti


  4. Awesome! I think we should start a movement – it’s hard to stay mad when you’re singing, or watching someone else sing/dance (especially if they’re not gifted to do so). We could change the world one song at a time…Love is the movement. C U tomorrow. Angie.


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