It's Friday, and I'm in…La-La Land

I’m a hurricane watcher. I, like many Floridians, am fascinated by these storms and the fact that now you can watch them approaching (24/7) and can obsess about which path they will take.

This year is different, though. Two of my obsessions are colliding – obsessing over possible hurricane landfalls and being “prepared” (I can make a “home” out of matresses, water bottles and peanut butter in 28 minutes – or less!), and the horrific thought that I could lose internet connection – not just for moments, but for days!!!

So, I asked Byron if we could get a battery-powered charger for my laptop, he said that we could, but it wouldn’t help if we lost power. Apparently, the cable is somehow “married” to the electricity!!! I thought those electricity people were SMART. So then I asked if we could get a honkin’ generator that would power the cable lines…He said, “No, honey, we can’t.” (He said this with a kind of deflated voice – like he’s resigned himself to my “view of earth”) – He knows he’ll have to explain this to me again…because He knows that everything looks different
…from La-La Land!

Peace out, for now.

2 thoughts on “It's Friday, and I'm in…La-La Land

  1. I love hurricane season too! I think there is something exciting about watching the shelves empty at the market, looking for gas, and the lines at Home Depot. Makes you feel like your a part of something. Nothing like a hurricane to bring the community together!


  2. Yeah, crisis really brings out the best and worst in people…the gulf coast doesn’t need any more “excitiment” though. If you’ve ever gone through the aftermath of a storm with both cars on “empty”, it will cause you to obsess about planning ahead. Of course, I don’t really need a reason to obsess…it’s what I do! Peace.


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