Hangin' with My Herd

Byron and I have two “Barrys” in our lives: Barry Leathers (C3 Executive Pastor, and he and Amanda are some of our closest friends), and Barry Oser (Kayleigh’s boyfriend and “like a son” to us). Ironically, both of them posted the same YouTube video around the same period of time, and had a similar take on it. You can check out their blogs about this video here and here.

Of course this video was moving to me – and I draw my own analogies from it as well. It just depends on the day as to which “character” I identify with the most. Many days, I can relate to the baby water buffalo: the enemy will try to “pick me off”, isolate me from sources of protection, strength and encouragement, and pull me to pieces. Other days, I feel like the powerful buffalo that knocks the crouching lions into the air and won’t back down no matter what comes (these days are more rare).

Then some days, I can identify best with the on-lookers who watch in helpless horror as the scene unfolds – knowing that the lions are behaving like lions – with their cunning ability to sense weakness and attack when you’re at your weakest point, and the crocodiles are doing the same – looking out for their own appetites – not making the initial attack, but wanting to benefit from the struggle.

One of the most profound aspects of this video, for me, was the fact that the herd of buffalo never give up on the baby – even when it seems certain that there was no hope of survival – even when all seems lost, they won’t leave the fallen one behind. They seem to understand that they are only as strong as their weakest “member” – and if they don’t fight back, they will lose more and more of themselves to the enemy.

Of course, we can relate to this: as Christ-followers, in the ministry, as members of a unique community of faith like C3 Church…

We have to “have each other’s backs”; otherwise, we can be picked-off, torn to pieces, and left for dead spiritually, emotionally and in all the important areas of life. I thank God that Byron and I KNOW that there are other honkin’ “buffalo” in our lives that come hell or high water, have our backs – often at great personal sacrifice.

We are the buffalo – and we’re not going to give up the fight until all the people who have felt disenfranchised by the church, outside of the grace of God, and disillusioned by “religion” hear that they’ve not been left…the herd is coming and the “lions” and “crocs” will have to have their appetites for destruction filled another day. The herd is circling…FAIR WARNING.

Love is the movement – Peace out.

4 thoughts on “Hangin' with My Herd

  1. Yeah, I took the pic – it’s one of my favorites, and I love how he used it. It’s always awesome to read other peoples’ analogies…it really makes you think. Have a great one. Angie


  2. Thanks – we love ya’ll too! Btw, Love your new blogspot (Laugh Often, Love Always) – The Office video is cool. Byron and I CAN’T WAIT til it’s back on. Peace out.


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