The Changing Face of Change

Tomorrow it all begins…the girls go back to school. Actually, they start out at school, and then leave for a 3 day retreat. And then, on Monday, the boys start – and the wheels of the school-year begin to turn. It’s hard to believe the summer’s over – and this has been a longer summer than usual.

So, now the fall officially begins, at least for me. It’s going to be strange to not have the boys in the same building – between homeschooling and our church’s school, I’ve always had at least some of my children close-by. This year’s definitely going to be different.

Last year was filled with change, and I’m sure this year will be, in some ways, even more so. I have tried to envision how it will be – new offices, having services in the theater, my boys in public school, both the girls in high school (with Kayleigh graduating at the end of this year!)…so much change, but a lot of it exciting to me.

I’ve never really been one to struggle with change, even a lot of it. I changed schools more than ten times between kindergarten and graduation, so I had to learn to change. Still, I’ve never dealt with change more, in my lifetime, than I did last year. It was so profound, that I know that it changed me.

I do look at life differently now. I see people in a different way. I don’t assume that many things will be the same tomorrow as they are today. I don’t take for granted that just because someone is in my life now that they automatically will be tomorrow. I expect change. I understand that not everyone can handle the pressure of an “anything for the cause” lifestyle. I try not to expect too much or too little – I just have to keep my eyes focused, no matter what changes God allows to come into my life…no matter what.

I used to hear that leadership is lonely, and my idealistic side couldn’t accept that as true. I’m too much of an extrovert for that to be true of me…but, it is true. It was a hard lesson to learn – that “holding on” is sometimes not an option, but – especially in a leadership role – it’s a luxury that can’t be afforded.

So, I look forward to the changes that will be coming this year – I really do. Change can be awesome. It can also be frightening – but, even scary things can lead to wonderful additions to our lives (like childbirth…four times!). I look forward to meeting people who have newly discovered God’s grace. I look forward to watching fellow Christ-followers discover their passions, and how to use them fully. I look forward to seeing children excited about church and the love of Jesus. And I look forward to feeling myself embrace change, because I know it will change me and make me more like Christ – No matter what.


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