The Remains of the Day

If you know me, then you know that music moves me…

This morning, Riverdale led worship, so I was able to sing and worship without having to be in front of people – we sang many of my favorite choruses – it was awesome! Byron preached about how, at C3, we are dedicated to the truth of Scripture, and as he spoke some of the words from the choruses came back to me, like:

When he spoke of how knowing the “play-book” (Scripture) can keep us from the insecurity of not knowing what to do when life becomes difficult: “Everyone needs compassion – A love that’s never failing. Let mercy fall on me.”

And when he talked about how living contrary to God’s truth causes us harm, like deep gashes on our soul: “Everyone needs forgiveness – The kindness of a Savior. The hope of nations.”

Our attendance was up by over a hundred this morning, and as I looked around at the faces, I was reminded again of the point of it all: “So take me as you find me – all my fears and failures. Fill my life again.”

And I was challenged to remember that the “C3 reality” number two: Dedicated to the truth of Scripture is worth everything I am and have to pursue: “I give my life to follow – everything I believe in. Now I surrender…”

Then, after the message, we sang: “…I may be down, but I will rise. It may be dark, but God is light.” And I looked around the room and saw a church – a community of faith – singing that phrase over and over. We, at C3 church, understand the faithfulness of God, and we will rise and we will shine – And it’s going to be a beautiful sight…


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