Random Ramblings

It’s Saturday and I have a few random thoughts:

*Cleaning my house is such a chore, I think I need to go live in a remote monastery somewhere and get rid of all my possessions – I wonder if they would have wi-fi?

*Laundry is the bain of my existence, and I have come to realize that in order for everything to be able to be put away, I need to have a delicate balance of dirty clothes, washing clothes, drying clothes, piled-on-the-couch clothes, folded clothes, and clean-in-the-drawer clothes – If this balance is disrupted by TOO MUCH CLEANING, then my whole domestic eco-system runs amuck!

*How does my microwave end up looking like a crime scene ????!!!!

*What can I possibly say about going to Wal-mart on a Saturday right before school starts when my SUV’s “thermometer” registered at 116 degrees!!!!

*There was a time when I was “Pre-law” and going to be a ruthless attorney and live in a beautiful high-rise in New York with a butler and a maid…(as I tell this, you should hear classical music, and I’m speaking with a British accent)

*I’m excited about not having to sing on the platform tomorrow morning – “Riverdale” will be leading worship, so I get to sit in the congregation like a normal person!

*I’m NOT going jogging tonight because I’m getting my exercise the “don’t clean my house often enough, and insist on being a pack rat, so now I gotta suffer” way today – I better lose 2-3lbs.!!!!

*Talking about cleaning my house is much more fun than doing it.

*Byron has been very sweet and helpful today – I guess I’ll keep him.

*Did I already mention the whole attorney thing?…

Peace out.

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