Jogging Blogger?…NOT!

I jogged tonight for the first time in twenty years – I waited ’til it was really dark because…well, it’s been twenty years! I think this was the funniest part of this “Happy Wednesday”!

I have to go somewhere and die now…Peace.

8 thoughts on “Jogging Blogger?…NOT!

  1. If you had seen me, you wouldn’t be so proud – you might be grabbing your video camera to make a “you tube” comedy video though! Have a great one! Peace out.


  2. I feel your pain. I passed out in the bushes after running for all of 5 min. I know I need to get back in the swing of things. Maybe……tomorrow? Ha!


  3. You can doo it, Leigh Ann. I figure if I’m gonna suffer, I may as well take others down with me…just waiting for the cover of darkness, Angie.


  4. This is a test. I tried it before but don’t think it took because it said it didn’t take anonymous comments. So I created a blog. Patio Talk. Hopefully this will come through. You will have to let me know. Of course there is nothing on my blog yet.Patti


  5. Yeah, right – you were always an idealistic child, so sweet in your innocencc and trust…if I’m an athelete, then exactly what color is the sky in your world? LuvYa, Your “couch potato” sister.


  6. Patti, I know you didn’t expect me to publish this, but I wanted to get you started in the blogging world – blog away, I’m looking forward to reading your pearls of wisdom. It’s very therapeutic – I’m praying for you. Peace.


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