Remembering How to Fly

I always feel at home on the water – maybe because I was a “summer baby”, and maybe because I learned to swim before I could walk (literally). Water has always had a calming, “centering” effect on me, and our day on the lake in the Ozark mountains was especially memorable.

We spent the whole day on a 30,000 acre spring-fed lake in between the mountains. We climbed to the top of rocks to jump off. We found a tiny island to explore. And we laughed and swam and acted like children. It was awesome!

It had been too long since I forgot to be a “grown-up” and just jumped off a cliff without thinking twice. It was exhilarating and relaxing at the same time!

So, now it’s back to the “real world” – and I feel like Peter Pan trying not to grow up and forget the magical powers of thinking like a child…it can fade if we don’t choose to NOT FORGET…to remember how to fly. Do you remember what it felt like?

Don’t forget – and if you’re starting to, then JUMP OUT OF THE BOAT!!! 🙂

Come on in, the water’s fine…Peace.

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