Seventy Times Seven

I don’t really have anything to blog about tonight. Of course, I have plenty of thoughts, and even more words, but I don’t really feel like putting them together in an organized way…

What others have written today says it better than could: Leigh Ann, Travis and Byron have all blogged about the things that have been on my mind – not consuming my thoughts because getting four kids ready for the school year can really occupy a person’s time, but they have given a voice to some of my own thoughts…

So, I would direct you to their blogs since I can’t seem to put my thoughts in order enough to do them justice, and I don’t really have to, since others have done it so well for me.

All I’ll say is:

*I thank God for His great love and mercy
*I thank God for a husband who is not swayed by the criticisms of men or the accolades of the religious
*I thank God for a church leadership team that is brave and trustworthy
*I thank God for the “remnant” at C3 who has changed the face of heaven through their love and sacrifice
*I thank God for friends who stick closer than brothers
*I thank God for children who walk in truth

And, I thank God for the ultimate Truth: That His Gospel is bigger than the plans of men and stronger than the Evil One. That His love is the only answer. That we are blessed to carry His message – though our hands and feet be unworthy and worn-out in the delivery. He makes our scars trophies to His grace and our feet beautiful in His sight. And we are blessed to carry out His will.

We are blessed. I am blessed, and I thank God for all of these things for I know where they come from…

So, tonight, I thank God that I have the writings of others to express what’s on my heart and mind. But, I also thank Him because He already knows…and He knows the truth about C3 and what it means to so many. It’s about love, after all, and…


2 thoughts on “Seventy Times Seven

  1. Angie,Thank you for standing for what you believe in and following God. You are an inspiration to me to stand in there when times are tough. Love you.Patti


  2. Thanks, Patti. Your encouragement means more than you’ll ever know…We all feel weary at times, and knowing there are friends like you out there makes a huge difference. LuvYa too – I’ll CU@C3 tomorrow, and I know God’s going to move in a great way. Peace.


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