Preparing for Falling Leaves

So, being home is kind of weird…after traveling so much. There wasn’t a schedule, really, but every day was full of trying to make the most our time. Of course then, the night before we were supposed to leave to come home, Byron got a call that his grandfather had passed away…so, we headed back to Texas instead of coming home. The visitation-funeral-graveside was a two-day affair – the graveside was at the Bledsoe Family cemetery (I got to see where I will be buried!) which was three hours away from the funeral – so we traveled about 7 hours on that day, then began our 16 hour trip home the next. In some ways, I feel like we spent a lot of our vacation just trying to get somewhere.

Maybe that’s an analogy for my life – especially lately – I spend so much time and energy just trying to get somewhere, that sometimes I have little time to enjoy where I am and those around me along for the ride.

We have been trying to get the kid’s rooms (mainly the boy’s) organized and junk-free before the next school year begins – throwing away broken toys, finishing projects in their rooms that we started when we moved-in but have since put on the “back burner”, and the clock is ticking again for all that will take place in the fall…But, as we work, organize, de-clutter, etc…I’m trying to enjoy my kids and Byron. I want to make the most of the time because it goes so quickly…It doesn’t take a funeral to remind me of that.

And I know it’s working because as I was wiping down the kitchen counter, going through boxes of outgrown clothes, and throwing away broken toys (all at once – I’m A.D.D., remember!), Nate, my ten year old, stopped me and gave me a kiss and said, “I love you, Mommy.”

So, I’ve been reminded again that these days, though hectic and sometimes mundane, won’t last forever…they blow away like the autumn leaves…So, I will cherish them and save them in my heart and mind for the days when life is much quieter and more boring…

Because the journey is the destination, after all!

Love someone today! Peace.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Falling Leaves

  1. I’m so happy y’all are back in town!(Of course I’m gone now,but I’ll be back soon.) We missed you guys and glad that you’re back in the blogging world. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!Love ya


  2. Thanks, Amandaloo! Sorry, we didn’t get together before you left, I wasn’t feeling too well – but we’ll spend so much time together when you get back that I PROMISE you’ll get really sick of me. LuvYa. Be safe. Peace.


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