Happy Birthday, Nate The Great!

Today is a great day mainly because ten years ago our Nate The Great was born. We’ve been celebrating all day in our cabin in the mountains.

Byron, the kids and I, Byron’s parents, Barry O. and Adam make this quite a full house, but we’re having fun. Byron and I had great fun hanging-out at the local laundry-mat for a couple of hours this morning washing laundry for eight.

We spent a few hours downtown Eureka Springs, and then came home to bake birthday cake which didn’t turn out quite right (Ethan asked me if it’s because I’m not a very good cook…I didn’t answer, just changed the subject). Then, some of us were traumatized by the presence of a racoon at the back glass door – names won’t be mentioned.

So,now I’m finally getting to spend some time blogging, although still on my phone.

My next blog (after my fingers get a rest) will be about all that God did at IMAC student camp last week – it was awesome.

Byron’s cleaning the kitchen, and I really need to help, at least to salvage my self-esteem in the domestic domain…if I can’t cook, the least I can do is clean…

I love this cabin, I love these mountains, I love that my son is still not too old to crawl in bed with us in the morning to tell us about his dream. I thank God for all of His blessings – like blessing us with our very own Nate the Great! Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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