C3 Students Rock!

I’ve only got a few minutes of internet access before I go back to the church here in Texas to make dinner for the kids (IMAC – C3 youth mission trip). It’s been a long hard day for the kids and counselors, after a 19 hour bus ride. Last night and this morning we had awesome services led by Robbie Robision and Travis Conrad with music by “Riverdale”. Then today the group broke up into teams to do hurricane repair work in some homes around Beaumont. The work is grueling and it’s VERY HOT! We are making sure they are all drinking lots of water and Gatorade – they are all working hard and well-representing Christ and C3. I know the people who have been living in these damaged homes will be thankful for their labors. I’ve been taking lots of pictures and will post them ASAP. Everyone is well, but tired and we are all looking forward to what God is going to do tonight in the service! More info will follow as I often as I can get to a computer. Pray for us! Peace.

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