The Best Medicine

I’ve not been feeling well today.
So unlike many, many others (you know who you are), I’m going to blog twice in one day. My friend Leigh Ann told a funny story about her daughter not “liking Jesus” because of how scary he looks in the “Passion” book of photos.
I understand this.
Maybe because I think like a four year old, and maybe because, although without the brutality of how Christ died I wouldn’t have hope, sometimes – like tonight – I need to think of Jesus laughing. I need to know that, in Him, there is such overwhelming joy – even in sorrow or illness – that he couldn’t help but laugh. And because of his great love for all of us, which many times caused him to weep, he found such joy and happiness in just watching us and in being with us.

I also think that if we could show the world the many sides of Jesus – his love and sacrifice, his justice and grace, his tears and his laughter – maybe they would be more drawn to him instead of reacting to our often poor imitation of a one-dimensional somber God with no joy or sense of humor. He created us with all of our dramatic, hilarious, crazy and fun-loving propensities. He offers life to the fullest, in that must be joy and even hilarious laughter.

So tonight I’m going to think of the things that just must make God chuckle or even laugh out loud. I don’t really know what makes God laugh, but it can’t be that different than what makes us laugh (except for our own bloopers – since God has none), I especially think he enjoys watching us enjoy his creation:

For example:
* a baby giggling at nothing at all
* a puppy barking at a reflection of himself
* an elderly couple reminiscing
* the inside jokes of best friends
* a surprise party that really works
* a really good practical joke that really works
* a married couple finally able to laugh at their “crazy” family members
* a million little things that make us laugh every day
* a person who learns the freedom of laughing at herself – because she doesn’t have a clue how to be…a pastor’s wife, for instance.

I believe Jesus laughed often. I need to believe it tonight. I’m going to find a way to laugh out loud tonight, and all I need to do is look around to find something to smile about. It’s all about perspective.

I hope you laugh tonight, and every day…I believe it makes God smile.

Peace (and hilarious laughter) to you.

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