Hello, World!

July is going to be a hard month for the blogger in me.
It feels like no one blogs and no one reads.

So this morning I was looking at my analytics report for the month, and of course, my views are at an all-time low since I began blogging.

Then I began to notice the shading on my “map overview” – As of this morning, when Australia was shaded-in for the first time, every continent is represented in viewing my little blog. It makes the world seem huge and so small all at the same time.

So, welcome Australia! And Hello, world!! Thanks for making me not feel so alone in my little corner of the world on this day after a national holiday when it feels like “no one blogs and no one reads”.

I did watch fire-works last night (at the Loper’s new town-home), they were beautiful, and I kept my word and I did remember all of the sacrifices others have made so that I could watch fireworks in the rain (with no umbrella). The fireworks were lovely, and being with friends and family was lovely too.

It truly is a small world when you have friends in every continent. Thanks for reminding me. Hello from my little corner of this small, yet vast, world…


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