A House Full of Dreams

I think I’ve lost the ability to blog.

So I had this horrible dream last night and woke Byron up at about 4:00a.m. to tell him that I’d had the most horrible dream – in it Ethan was falling and I couldn’t catch him in time… – So then Byron couldn’t sleep either so he got up to check on the kids…and now it’s really late and I can’t fall asleep! This morning I told Byron that I didn’t ever want to fall asleep again; of course, I was just being dramatic – I know what can happen if you don’t sleep for prolonged periods of time, as I have seen “House” and “20/20” (I get all of my medical info from shows like this – and if you need legal advice, I have seen just about every episode of “Law & Order” – all during times like this when I CAN’T SLEEP!)

So now, for the past two days, every time Byron hears me “clicking” on the computer, he says, “Are you blogging?”, and I just respond “no, I’m just commenting“, and tonight he says, “you’re the only one I know who comments as long as most people’s blogs.” I wanted to argue, but who am I kidding, it’s true (Sorry, Leigh Ann).

So my dream really reminded me of how much I love my kids.
Ethan (my baby – the real one. Just in case you thought his name was “Sugar Boy”, that’s my dog) cracks me up with his six-year-old insights on the world. He also happens to still think I’m cool AND pretty – He smiles constantly, unless he’s being competitive, then he’s the “ice man”.
Nate is very pensive and inquisitive – he thinks about EVERYTHING. He’s in the “reporter stage” of development where his favorite thing to do is bug his older sisters, especially if he can gross them out. He’s a lot of fun, and some times I try to picture what it’s going to be like when he’s a foot taller and some girl thinks he’s cute…I’ll think about that tomorrow.
Ashley is one of our teenage girls (that’s right, we have two under the same roof). She’s very artistic and has a great sense of humor – it’s a dry wit, and she could beat anyone in an eye-rolling contest (except maybe me at her age). She seems to be developing a real knack for writing, and I’m looking forward to reading more of her thoughts since she has now started blogging herself. She has a strong sense of herself which is so cool to see.
Kayleigh is the oldest (so are both of her parents – so she really has the first-born gene!), she has always had the ability to meet new people – no one has ever remained a stranger to her for long. She is becoming a strong woman with her own set of values. Being the oldest, she has dealt with the brunt of the negativity from people who don’t like this or that in the church, and she has developed a strong sense of purpose through understanding why we do what we do – and honesty and loyalty have become HUGE to her.

All of them – my kids – are growing into a force to be reckoned with, in their own personal way, for God. They are each so unique and I know God will mold them to do His will and purpose. They’re wonderful, and I thank God for the gift of my “full house”.

So now it’s either sleep, or more “Law & Order”…


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