What Day Is It?

I woke-up in a bad mood. Last night, my boys left to go visit their cousins in south Florida. So, no “Splash-Zone” for me today. (By the way, the Splash-zone “authorities” made me go put my large iced-coffee in the car before entering…I’m telling you, it’s a conspiracy! (see Happy Darn Wednesday).

Instead of frolicking with my boys, I went to the office and tried to fill in for Byron’s secretary, Peggy, who is out of town. The morning began with me spilling my large iced-coffee all over my desk and floor (it’s like someone is trying to tell me something – like, “always use spill-proof containers!”), then the day progressed downhill from there.

Apparently, my office computer has developed quite an attitude over my growing love-affair with my MacBook, and it wouldn’t cooperate – it refused to even recognize me on the network! Back to my Mac – I love her, she always accepts me, never judges – even when I write stupid stuff. She always acts shocked that I would delete any of my pearls of wisdom by saying, “Are you sure you want to delete this?”. I know she’s really saying, “You’re awesome, Angie, and all of your words are wonderful…” I love her…But, I digress.

So, anyway my office computer reminded me, once again that I have no marketable skills, and Byron needs to check the amount on his life-insurance policy, unless he wants me to turn to a life of crime should something befall him, God forbid!

Tonight is band practice, so I need to get my stuff together, so I can worship the Lord properly…Maybe I just need to get some coffee. This time I’m going to “Cuppy’s” where I know I’ll be treated right! I’m gonna try to act happy the rest of the day, or Byron will remember that we haven’t worked-out yet, and make me work-out my grumpiness on the Bowflex…I need to fly under the radar as much as possible…Peace!

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