The Remains of the Day…

Another Sunday has come and gone. This one was packed with good things:

*Although, I was particularly tired during our a.m. band practice (mainly due to my husband putting me through a sadistic Bowflex/elliptical workout the day before wherein I had to put my head between my knees to keep from passing out), the worship sets were filled with passion and energy, and the congregation responded with the same spirit.

*Byron’s message about our real Enemy: Satan, was profound in it’s doctrine, yet so practical that it caused all of us to reflect on who we allow to get the power in the limited time we have left on this earth – are we wasting our seconds or utilizing them to their full potential. Plus, I learned that Byron is going to live until 2057 (according to, so I say, “Why kill ourselves with grueling workouts – if your gonna live that long anyway?”

*It was good to see the faces of people I’ve never seen before, great to see returning and increasingly more familiar faces, and awesome to see friends who ARE friends – like aloe for the soul…(see “Sunburns”).

*Happy Birthday, Monica! And welcome home Travis and Sandi!

*We had a good lunch with great friends. (mine was healthy and nutritious!)

*We got a long nap – a couple of hours. WONDERFUL!!!!

*We took the boys to Barnes&Noble to get a new book, get Starbucks, and catch-up on our blog-reading.

*I was reminded again today of how much I love books – new books, old books – I love the way they look. I love the way they smell even… I think I’m gonna hang-out there more often, and try to find my library card…

*Reading the blogs of the other staff wives and women in the church, the past few days, has made me so thankful to have such strong and faithful women in my life. The honesty and insight I’m hearing from them is inspiring. It fills me with hope…

So, today was a great day, and I’m tired – but it’s the good kind of tired – Tomorrow I get to go back to the splash-park with some of my “girls” – it’s for the children (they are our future, you know – just doing my part).

Now, I have to go to sleep – Byron tells me my muscles need proper rest to repair, so we can break them down, to build them back…blah, blah, blah…(see what I’m dealing with – I need an intervention!).

Good night – Peace.

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