In Dreams

I’ve always had crazy, vivid dreams. They are so life-like that some days it takes me a long time to shake whatever emotions are generated as I sleep. I remember having a particularly bad dream in which Byron upset me (that NEVER happens in real life), and even though he had, in reality, done nothing to me, I was really mad at him and it took me about an hour before I wanted to speak to him – all because of a dream!

Dreams are funny like that. A lot of times they let me know what is really on my mind. I’ll think I’m past a certain event, feeling or hurt – and then I’ll have a dream that reminds me. Then I’ll walk around thinking, “Why do I feel like this today – why do I have this knot in my stomach – oh yeah, I had this crazy dream…”

I guess, unless I’ve had spicy food late at night, it’s just another way to process my emotions – to work things out without having to focus on it while I’m awake. It’s my heart’s way of saying, “maybe you need to work on this – forgive again, love more, be less offended…” When it comes to a hurt that can lead to bitterness, I’ve found that what I refuse to deal with I become.

So, I guess I’ve got some work to do – it’s a constant process. What’s the old saying, “Don’t be bitter – Be better.”? I’ve always hated cliches, but usually there’s a lot of truth in them.

I’m starting a new work-out regimen today – so, while I work on my body, I can also renew my mind (I think there’s a verse about that somewhere). And I can focus on real dreams – dreams of changing the world one heart at a time.

LOVE IS THE MOVEMENT – and the ultimate dream. Peace.

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