Pass it on!

We have been without a t.v. all week, but were able to hear of the passing of Ruth Graham. I knew her better when I was a child; she was “Aunt Ruth” to me then. My grandfather used to tell me that when I was very small she thought I was a funny child – with a big vocabulary. I think in some ways she understood me. Now as an adult, reading her poetry and musings about life in the ministry, I feel that I understand her. She always seemed to me to be very unique and poetic, she was definitely articulate yet simple in her priorities – Her faith, her family, and her husband seemed to be her life, and her thoughts around those basic priorities seemed endless and profound. Her absence will be felt in more ways than we can fathom, and I am so appreciative that we have her legacy and her words to draw from. I’ve learned, in part from her, that you can be a strong, supportive wife of a minister, and yet be a creative, oppinionated, passionate individual at the same time. Thank you for that, Aunt Ruth.

Love is the movement – pass it on! Peace.

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