Postcards from Georgia

How has it been a week since my last blog?

We spent the weekend in the Atlanta area. We caught-up with old friends – it was wonderful! We went to a movie-theater church with Barry and Amanda, and became even more excited about our future @ C3. We had Sunday dinner with some of our favorite people in the world: the Leathers Clan and the Bond Clan. It was sort of surreal to have friends that we love from such different worlds in the same place – it was awesome!

I was able to get Starbucks every morning, and found a place to get my nails done. Kayleigh came up and was reunited with us, thanks to Barry O. and Adam. Sugar Boy got to hang out at a pet resort for the weekend. Amanda and I got some good “hang-out” time, and Ashley and I got to go to Wal-mart with Karla and Alyson. (To see Byron and Dave in a corner talking passionately about what God is doing in their lives was such an encouragement to me!)

So, as far as weekends go, this one was great! Thanks: Barry and Amanda and kids – we love you guys, and are so grateful that you’re along for this ride; Dave, Karla, Alyson and Matt – seeing you again was so seamless, it was amazing – we miss you terribly already! Barry O. and Adam – thanks for being so willing to help and be a part of our crazy crew! Ashley – it was really nice to spend some time with you one-on-one this past week, you’re awesome (and hilarious)! Kayleigh – we missed you and knowing that you missed us so much that you read our blogs first thing each morning was sooo cool (see, you know you love us!) Nate and Ethan – you crack me up and keep me young.

And now we are in south Georgia so Byron can speak at a middle school camp. “Riverdale” is leading worship again – they rock! In spite of everything difficult that we’ve been through lately, I can honestly say that I’ve never been more excited about our future than now.

So, tonight as I blog, I’m listening to U2; Byron occasionally reads me something interesting in one of the blogs he reads daily; Barry, Adam, Kayleigh and Ashley are playing cards; the boys are sleeping… and all is right in my little corner of the world! “In the name of love…one more in the name of love…”

Peace and U2 to you all!

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