Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I’ve realized that I’ve been slacking in the joke department. Lately, the melancholy side of me has definitely been taking over, so today I’m going to concentrate on happy things:

* So, as I continue my search for cute and clean blonde jokes, I am always reminded of my own blonde-ish-ness when I come across a blonde joke that has actually happened to me:

* When I was about 14, I noticed the cute jeans a girl in my youth group was wearing. So, I said (in original valley-girl fashion), “Like…those jeans are sooo cute, what brand are they?”, and she replied, “Guess.”, so I said, “Okay. Um…..”

* Byron likes to read blonde jokes to me to see if I get them. So, he said, “Why do blondes wear shoulder pads?”, and of course, I shrugged my shoulders (exaggeratedly) and replied, “I don’t know…” which apparently IS the punchline.

I’m not feeling great today – all the traveling and eating-out is starting to catch up with me (I’m also rethinking choosing a chicken salad sandwich from a gas station). When we get home there will be a lot of detoxing taking place – a lot of “super green” and spinach salads. Ethan will say “this is the most horriblest day of my life, cuz you always make me eat healthy and nutritious!” – Well, he’s been in heaven lately. But, play now and pay later…

I am looking forward to getting home and getting back into somewhat of a routine – at least until we get back on the road. I think when I get home, I’ll repaint my bedroom, which reminds me:

Q: Why did it take the blonde so long to paint her bedroom?

A: The can read, “best if applied in two coats” – and painting with all those clothes on is hard work.

Lame, I know.

Peace and spinach salad to you all (if you’re making fun of my lame jokes, then gas-station chicken salad to you!)

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