Music Moves Me (part two)

Byron spoke at a youth camp last night in an open-air “theater” in the woods. It was beautiful, and it reminded me of my childhood. It reminded me that no matter how urbanized I become, I’m very organic at heart, and being IN nature – in the middle of the woods – centers me in some way. It’s like the ocean for me because I feel so small yet so close to God all at once. Man, now I want to go camping – at the beach – in the mountains – at the same time!

The band “Riverdale” led worship and it was awesome. They closed with a new Charlie Hall song that really moved me. I don’t even know the words yet, but I’m sure I will by the end of the day. One line in it especially resonated for me. It went something like: “I’m down, but I will rise – all life flows from God.” It reminded me where my source lies – where my strength comes from. And my source is bigger than the montains and the seas. These creations, in their grandeur, echo His glory and power. Peace and joy and strength echo across the mountains and the seas, and I too join in their song… Man, nature makes me want to be poetic! But, it’s so true – all life flows from God, and I’m thankful.

Now, I’m gonna go find some coffee – probably from “the Huddle House” – did I sound like I was ready to chuck the whole “city life” thing? We’ll see,… ask me after a week of no Starbucks!

Peace…and strength…and dark roast espresso to you all.

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