Florida Girl

I’m sitting out by the pool, listening to the birds and planning my rose garden. We are traveling a ton this summer, so I’ll probably wait on the planting – of course, when I get the bug, I just can’t wait to get my hands dirty. It’s a beautiful day, and Byron spent time this weekend making the patio more beautiful because he knows it’s a real place of solace for me. We spent yesterday afternoon with some friends – letting the children swim, and just be kids. It was refreshing, and of course, every day is improved by watermelon and ice cream sandwiches.

I’m thankful today for living in such a gorgeous place, for my family, for my friends, and for Byron who always looks for ways to make me smile. It’s just a few days before hurricane season starts, but living here is worth the storms – kind of like being in the ministry here – it’s all worth it on days like today (or Sunday) when I can focus on the sunshine, the sound of the birds, children laughing, and roses. You can really know I’m feeling the love by this: I’m gonna make my man a pot roast! That really is a metaphor for our relationship – I love roses, and he loves pot roast. So, it’s pretty much a perfect day!

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