Happy Wednesday!

Today, I’m going to make a concerted effort to concentrate on happy things, blessings, and love. And blonde jokes. And the song “Fighter” because it makes me smile.

Yesterday, I was reminded of some important life lessons:

1. Don’t stand in the wind after you put on lipgloss.
2. If a blonde has little “diamonds” put on the tips of her fingernails, staring at the ‘shiny-ness’ can cause her to almost wreck her car on the drive home (or so I’ve been told). Speaking of which:

Q.: What does a blonde say if you ask her if her car blinkers work?
A.: Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No.

When someone in my family tries to make point or argument that doesn’t make sense, my daughters (14 & 17) will say, “That ship didn’t land!”. This is because, a while back I was telling a joke the Angie-way (which is to lead with the punch-line, then get confused and say something like “…or whatever!”, and I said, “Boy, that ship didn’t land!”, one daughter said, “Mom, ships don’t ‘land’!” to which I replied, “…yes they do, if they’re a SPACESHIP!”.

The boys crawled into our bed this morning – their first official day of summer and watched Byron get ready for the day.
Nate (9): “Dad, you mean you still have to go to work in the summertime?!”
Ethan (6): “Nate, adults only get the summer off if they leave the country!!”

Happy Wednesday!
Happy Summertime! (where’s my passport!!)

(“…thanks for making me a fighter…”)

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